A resource center for victims of trafficking and the professionals who accompany or meet them

Mist informs, guides and supports victims of trafficking in accessing their rights. Mist also supports volunteers, social workers or educational teams who accompany victims, through information, training or the setting up of co-accompaniment protocols if necessary.

Information and guidance for victims, reception by peers, support and training for professional.

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An office for access to rights in the Bois de Vincennes co-hosted by the Mist and the volunteer lawyers of the Paris Bar’s Solidarity Bus

In 2003, the Paris Bar Association initiated a large-scale operation involving volunteer lawyers in Paris, in order to help people in precarious situations through free legal consultations, and more particularly via a bus called the “Solidarity Bus”. This system makes it possible to hold consultations as close as possible to people who have particular difficulties in accessing the law in the Paris area. Victims of human trafficking are amongst those people who are far from the institutional mechanisms for accessing the law. In order to provide these people with appropriate solutions, the Solidarity Bus has therefore joined forces with the Mist to offer joint offices in one of the main places of prostitution in Paris.

Reception and free legal consultations every other Friday, Bus de la Solidarité, Bois de Vincennes.

A Mist office at the 18th arrondissement’s Point d’Accès au Droit (Law Access Point)

The Point d’Accès au Droit (PAD) is open to all and offers free legal information and consultations, help and support in administrative and legal procedures as well as access to mediation and conciliation. The centre is staffed by specialised lawyers, lawyers from the Paris Bar Association, notaries, legal advisors on access to rights, delegates of the rights defender, and representatives of the City of Paris mediator. The Mist also offers a weekly service for victims of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation in order to inform them of their rights and support them in their efforts to take action.

Free reception and information every Friday morning, PAD 18e 2 rue de Suez 75018 Paris.

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The Mist refers people to the national Ac.sé scheme

The national Ac.Sé scheme offers accommodation and support at a geographical distance from the place of residence of the victim of trafficking who is at risk or in a very vulnerable situation. The national Ac.Sé scheme is an integral part of the protection measures for victims of trafficking in France, as cited in Decree No. 2007-1352 of 13 September 2007 on the admission to residence, protection, reception and accommodation of foreign victims of human trafficking. The Mist is a partner of the national Ac.Sé scheme and is the main referral service in 2020.

Referral to shelter in another region of France and telephone support by peers.

Artistic expression workshops at the Maison Pratiques Artistiques Amateurs (MPAA) in Paris

The Maison Pratiques Artistiques Amateurs is a cultural establishment of the City of Paris, spread over 5 Parisian sites. Its mission is to encourage, develop and promote amateur artistic practices across Paris and Greater Paris. The Mist organizes collective artistic expression workshops there for women who have been victims of human trafficking. In 2021, workshops are being set up in partnership with filmmaker Clement Sibony for women who wish to produce a live show on the Nigerian slave trade.

Theater, song and dance workshops, every Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the MPAA in Paris 11th.

Self-managed podcast creation workshops

Within the framework of small groups, the women of the Mist organize workshops for the production of podcasts which are real groups of words. They freely discuss subjects chosen collectively and record themselves through the use of dedicated equipment.
belonging to the association. They are all responsible for the construction of the discussions and the content of the podcasts that will be produced. They choose together at the end of the sessions the extracts they agree to broadcast.

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