About us

The goals of this organization are:

  • To combat human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and to provide assistance to its victims, as part of a participatory action focused on community health.
  • To find, identify, shelter, and assist victims of trafficking in human beings for the purposes of sexual exploitation and prostitution, both adults and minors, regardless of gender.
  • To develop social, legal, and administrative actions in relation to its goals.
  • To implement a participatory methodology of community health and peer mediation in order to determine the objectives and the actions to be taken, to assess them and make public their results in order to share knowledge and power.
  • To advocate the protection of human trafficking victims’ rights, especially in terms of health, social protection and inclusion, fighting against racism and all forms of discrimination and exclusion. 
  • To promote the health of trafficked persons, by involving them in a collective action that fosters change dynamics and group-led norm transformation.
  • To promote the self-reliance of trafficked persons, including their economic self-reliance, through education, training, and access to the job market.
  • To help in any way possible those who wish to leave prostitution.
  • To assist victims by bringing civil actions before national and European courts if necessary.
  • To conclude agreements with organizations or institutions pursuing the same objectives