The purpose of this association is:

  • To fight against trafficking in human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation and to provide assistance to its victims, as part of a participatory community health action
  • To carry out actions for the detection, identification, sheltering and assistance of victims of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and procuring, major and minor without distinction of gender
  • To develop any social, legal and administrative action related to the purpose
    To implement a participatory methodology for community health and peer mediation in order to determine the objectives and conduct of actions, their evaluation as well as the communication of results, in a framework of knowledge and power sharing
  • To promote the defense of the rights of persons who are victims of human trafficking, in particular with regard to health, protection and social inclusion, the fight against racism and all forms of discrimination and exclusion
  • To promote the health of people who are victims of human trafficking, by promoting the involvement of people in collective action, the dynamics of change and the transformation of norms by the group
  • To promote the autonomy of persons victims of human trafficking, in particular economically, by promoting education, training and access to the labor market
  • To help in any way people who want to stop prostitution
    To provide assistance to victims by bringing a civil action if necessary to national and European courts
  • To enter into conventions or agreements with associations or institutions pursuing the same goals.